Last Modified: Jan 01, 2024

ProVisit, Inc., which consists of all the organizations indicated here (collectively, “ProVisit,” “we,” or “our”), makes this Privacy Policy statement. It goes into effect on Jan 1st, 2024.

The Privacy Commitment of ProVisit

ProVisit is dedicated to upholding the confidence of both our clients and their users. We want you to know, in particular, that ProVisit does not engage in the sale, rental, or exchange of customer data with other firms for marketing purposes. We just don’t engage in that kind of activity because digital advertising is not a component of our business or income strategy. But just in case you don’t trust us, we’ve included a ton of specific information in this Privacy Policy on how, when, and why we gather your personal information, as well as how we use it and under what strict circumstances we could release it to others.

Purpose of this Privacy Statement

All ProVisit websites that link to this Privacy Policy are bound by its terms. This statement also applies to the goods and services that ProVisit makes available through these websites and our mobile applications. Any of our websites, goods, or services that have their own privacy policies are not covered by this privacy policy. The following three sections make up this privacy statement: Part I: Data that ProVisit gathers and manages This section explains how ProVisit gathers and utilizes data on users of its goods and services, website visitors, and other parties who contact ProVisit via forms or email addresses posted on or linked to our websites.

Part II: Data that ProVisit manages on your behalf

This section explains how ProVisit manages the information you entrust to us when you use our goods and services or when you contact us for customer assistance and share any private or confidential information with us.

Part III: General

This section covers subjects that apply to both Parts I and II as well as more general issues like ProVisit’s pledges to security and how we’ll let you know when this Privacy Policy changes.

Information ProVisit collects and controls

What details ProVisit gathers

We only gather information about you if we genuinely need it for one of our many acceptable uses. Only if (a) you voluntarily gave the information, (b) ProVisit automatically gathered the information, or (c) ProVisit acquired the information from a third party, would ProVisit have information about you. The different scenarios that fit into each of those three categories and the data gathered in each are described below.

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